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Self Management Mode: The partners lease their own spaces, the project party provides brand accelerated incubation services. This model is suitable for large-scale domestic enterprises or those enterprises and individuals who are more familiar with the United States.



Offshore Joint Venture Mode: The project party operates jointly with the partners by providing spaces as shares. Both parties distribute profits according to the agreed ratio and take the risk. The partners provide products, project party is responsible for the corporate registration, recruitment, business promotion etc. This model can play their respective advantages, facilitate rapid business growth. Partners can save costs and reduce initial investment.

Commissioned Distribution Mode: The partners provide products and set a target price, then ship to our US warehouse. The project party is responsible for all matters and costs in the United States. The project party regularly provide sales and demand-supply information. The project party collect a pre-agreed proportion of the profit after the sale. If the products are not sold, according to the partners request, refund or return service will be provided. The risk of this mode is small. (Basically only the loss of freight, which is almost negligible).


Exhibition Mode: The partners participate in "The Oriental Scene" exhibition series to test sales and markets. Achieve product upgrades through testing and eventually enter the US markets. 


Customized Service Mode: According to the development requirements of domestic enterprises, we provide event planning and trademarks registration, participate in various types of exhibitions on behalf of the partners, online marketing, project launching, resource docking and all customized services..


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