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Kaifeng, Henan, China and Myrtle Beach, U.S.A signed a Letter of Intent to Establish a Friendly City


     On the morning of January 24, Mayor Hou Hong, the mayor of Kaifeng Municipal People's Government, met with the friendly delegation of Myrtle Beach City headed by Mayor Rhodes, the mayor of Myrtle Beach in the United States. The two cities signed a letter of intent on friendly relations. City leaders Ma Pu, Xu Qiang attended the meeting. Myrtle Beach, a famous tourist city in the United States, is famous for its sunny beaches, family vacations, cultural attractions, golf courses and seafood cuisine. It is one of the fastest growing tourist cities in the United States. This time, John Lodz, led by a friendly delegation of 10 people, aimed at investigating the status quo of tourism in our city and negotiating the cooperation of cultural tourism industry and establishing friendly relations between the two cities.   
       Hou Hong, on behalf of the municipal government, welcomed the arrival of the friendly delegation and introduced the historical and cultural conditions of Kaifeng and the current economic and social development. Hou Hong said that today's Kaifeng is a famous tourist city in China. It is an attractive city where the ancient city and the new city shine each other. It is a city of vitality where gradual changes, rapid economic and social development are taking place, and a sense of gain of the masses Strong, happy index of a livable city. Myrtle Beach City and Kaifeng City, both internationally renowned tourist cities, have their own strengths in tourism development, helping both parties to learn, communicate and improve together. He hoped that after the two cities signed the letter of intent on friendly relations, they will strengthen the direct contact with the foreign affairs departments of the two municipal governments and gradually establish and improve the liaison and communication mechanism with the cultural and tourism departments of the two cities so as to make cultural tourism exchanges and cooperation a breakthrough and promote the friendly exchanges and cooperation between the two cities In full swing. We hope that the two municipal governments will actively guide and participate in the social forces to carry out activities such as tourism promotion week, urban tourism and cultural exhibition, mutual exchange of visits by citizens, tourism experts, students and non-governmental organizations so as to lay more constructions for the friendly exchanges and cooperation between the two cities For a solid foundation, build a more extensive platform.
       John Rhodes expressed his gratitude for the warm reception in Kaifeng. He said that this is the eighth time to come to China and feel honored to visit and study Kaifeng, a famous cultural and tourism city. The ancient capital of eight dynasties Kaifeng has a long history and profound cultural background, and has many similarities and complementarities with the same city of Myrtle Beach as a tourist city. The cooperation and exchange between the two cities will help enhance the citizens' knowledge and understanding of each other's culture in the two cities and thus promote the cooperation and interaction in tourism between the two cities. The signing of the letter of intent on friendly relations is only the first step in the cooperation between the two parties. We are full of expectations for the future cooperation prospects of the two cities and believe that the friendly cooperation between the two sides will surely achieve fruitful results. During the meeting, Hou Hong and John Rhodes respectively represented the two cities and jointly signed the Letter of Intent on Friendly Relations between the two cities. Vice Mayor Ma Pu signed the framework agreement and exhibition agreement on strategic cooperation with the United States 3W Company on behalf of the municipal government.


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