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Create in China
"Poetic Dwelling" Art Life Boutique Exhibition

     Create in China "art lifestyle show was officially launched at 3W Art Center, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA, on June 30, 2016. This event It was co-hosted by 3W Co., Ltd. in conjunction with San Want Culture Media Co. Ltd. of Beijing and XYZ Gallery of Beijing Art and Design Co. Ltd. The opening ceremony was personally curated by John Mayor of Myrtle Beach City.       

     In addition, we have invited a group of well-known domestic and foreign companies to innovate their products. The works and innovative products of a new generation of Chinese artists are sought after by American tourists. The exhibited works and cultural and creative products are sold out locally, which also confirms our adoption Cultural activities to promote trade ideas. The show also opened the prelude to the highly anticipated "Oriental Scene" festival of Chinese culture.

     In this festival, ceramics, folk arts, paintings, sculptures and fashion from China jointly create a brand new scene in Chinese art and design, bringing a feast of eastern aesthetics to the east coast of the United States. It is intended to show the world a world full of art and creativity. And to the United States to recommend some of the oriental cultural heritage and aesthetic design products, such as "appropriate material" porcelain, dense fan clothing, Nantong orchids and nature of the design.        

     A new exhibition to re-render the scenes made by China to bring high-quality Chinese products overseas export center, the poet and artist from China, Ms. Fan Xueyi, will also be fully present her "poetic life" works of art and design products . This is also the true purpose and significance of the 3W Center platform that American 3W Company endeavors to build.

    The opening day, rave reviews, this event will last three months.         

    Chinese cultural products go global starting with "China Wisdom and Creation." The cooperation between wise men and wise men, the alliance between the strong and the powerful, the "Oriental Scene" festival of Chinese culture and fashion will be the bridgehead for China's overseas cultural promotion and export of goods, We are equipped with a sound support system to jointly promote China's manufacturing to China to create the upgrade and transformation, we will launch later cultural events, high-end forums, investment research, product exhibitions, art shows and other content, more exciting one after another to show you!

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