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2017 The Oriental Scene Culture Festival "Treasures of China" exhibition

    Treasure of China was grandly held at the 3W Art Center in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, November 6-12, 2017. The event jointly organized by 3W company Henan Culture Investment Co., Ltd., Beijing Tian Hailin Jewelry Co., Ltd., SOS healthcare nonprofit, Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce.

     The exhibition, from Henan "Great Song Guanyao" Jun porcelain, folk intangible cultural heritage handicraft "mud cuckoo", Xin'an paintings, clay mud dog and from Beijing Tian Hailin Jewelry Co., Ltd. natural pearl, tourmaline, Glass and other jewelry by the United States by local customers great concern and favorite. Visitors came to visit the "Song of Kiln," Jun porcelain production techniques superb, beautiful design sense of praise. Traditional handicraft "Mud Cuckoo" because of its unique production process and history, so that it not only as a highly ornamental crafts, but also as a child's play tools, each one can make a loud voice, the United States for tourists This kind of handicrafts that have never seen before produced great interest. The exhibition partner Beijing Tian Hailin Jewelry Co., Ltd. of natural pearls, tourmalines, glass and other fine jewelry, come to buy an endless stream of customers, a variety of styles just shortly after the show was sold out. Visitors have also made suggestions, look forward to the next show to some of their favorite styles. This exhibition creates a brand new scene of Chinese art and design handicrafts and brings a feast of Eastern aesthetics to the east coast of the United States. Once again demonstrated to the world a full of art and creative China.

     3W company's "Oriental scene" committed to building never-ending fairs to promote China's outstanding design products to the United States, but also through this platform, so that more Chinese enterprises, factories can face-to-face approach to exposure to the Americans Product advice, suggestions, and then make more excellent integration of international quality products. Can be said that a collision of Eastern and Western cultures.

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