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2018 Shenzhen Lingerie Exhibition and Fashion Show

      Models strutted up and down the runway Tuesday evening during a fashion show highlighting Chinese lingerie and swimwear.

      The show took place at Waccamaw Center. It was organized by 3W, LLC, which owns the center, and the Shenzhen (China) Underwear Industry Association, or SUA.

     “They’re opening their showroom basically,” Weimin Wang with 3W, LLC, said. “3W believes the cultural exchange can enrich people’s lives … and build connections between peoples.”

      SUA is a nonprofit lingerie industry organization established by over 400 businesses that are members in the industry, officials said. Organizers said that Shenzhen, a large city in China, is renowned as the country’s fashion capital.SUA

      Ahead of the fashion show that took place in Asher Theatre, a grand opening was held for the SUA’s overseas exhibition center, also at the Waccamaw Center, displaying several brands of apparel. A space for the exhibit will remain at the center going forward.

      “This is going to be their Myrtle Beach project,” said Martin Durham, property manager of the Waccamaw Center, referring to the SUA. “Their first operation in the U.S. is here in Myrtle Beach.”

      Officials said the nonprofit saw the opportunity to engage U.S. citizens in the area as it attracts millions of visitors annually. 3W also found it to be a way to promote tourism and the Myrtle Beach area.

      The fashion show itself featured models from both China and the U.S. as dozens in attendance snapped pictures on their cellphones.

      “It was really fun,” said Bethany Jenkins of the Charleston area, who was one of the models who strolled the catwalk. “I’ve done swimwear before, but I’ve never done lingerie.”

       The exhibition center’s opening ceremony will take place at 4:30pm at 2999 Waccamaw Blvd, Myrtle Beach, SC 29579. The newest lingerie and swimsuit products of over 120 manufacturers and brands from China will be showcased and available for order. Following the exhibition, a lingerie and swimwear fashion show will take place at 5:30pm in The Asher Theatre at 3237 Waccamaw Blvd, Myrtle Beach, SC.

       SUA is a non-profit lingerie industry organization established by over 400 member-businesses in the intimate apparel industry, and it currently owns a regional brand of “Shenzhen Underwear”. Among them are well-known Chinese trademarks, such as Embry Form, Mani Form, June Rose, Vignie, Xinxing, Fuhua and other leading global Original Design Manufacturing (ODM) Enterprises. Shenzhen underwear industry cluster was the first to receive the “regional brand demonstration zone” title in China. It plays a leading role in the Chinese Underwear Industry. The global sales volume of Shenzhen lingerie industry has been increasing year by year, and its market share has been continuously expanding. With the fact that 80% of Victoria's secret’s R&D and production functions are in Shenzhen, Shenzhen’s Original Design Manufacturers (ODM) and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) already have a considerable comparative advantage worldwide. SUA collaborated with 3W LLC to expand their business in the U.S. and chose Waccamaw Center to be their overseas exhibition center. There will be a space dedicated to them to promote products after this event. The manufacturers’ and products’ information will be available to all interested parties for retail and wholesale orders.SUA

       3W LLC is a global company who owns the Waccamaw Center Commercial Complex. It specializes in promoting business and cultural communications and exchange between China and USA. It has a long-standing business relationship with the SUA. 3W LLC has been planning for SUA’s entry into U.S since 2015. With the company’s resources and influence in both China and U.S., 3W LLC strives to build a bridge that connects Chinese lingerie brands with U.S. markets and bring more business opportunities to Myrtle Beach, SC, which will result in more cultural and economic exchanges between U.S. and China


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