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“the Wind Coming from Central China”
- Henan Traditional Art Exchange Exhibition

      The series of Exhibition "the Wind Coming from Central China" started in February of 2015. Since then, 2 exhibitions have been held at 3W Chinese Culture Commercial Center located in Myrtle Beach, SC of the United States. The arts on display were provided by our long-time partner - Henan Art Museum.

      During the first exhibition, many artists came along with their art works. They passionately interacted with the audience and introduced the background stories of each art work when it was being created, many of which involved traditional forms of Chinese Arts. Seeing traditional oriental artifacts being brought to life here at Myrtle Beach, the audience showed great fondness and interests toward the mysterious Chinese culture.

      Judging from the positive reaction of the first exhibition and with the established platform by 3W LLC, Henan Art Museum brought more artists and art works for the second "the Wind Coming from Central China" Exhibition. The formerly-incumbent Mayor of Myrtle Beach, John Rhodes, participated in the event to encourage the positive cultural exchanges.

     Both exhibitions received positive feedback from local citizens of Myrtle Beach. 3W LLC was greatly inspired to continue its role as the cultural pioneer and to promote oriental cultural exchanges in the U.S.

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